Tournament Rules

District qualifying entries are open to junior area residents (ages 10-18) of Manitoba, Minnesota, North/South Dakota, and Northwestern Ontario area (up to and including the city of Thunder Bay). Participants must currently reside and attend school within these defined areas or is a 2018 High School Graduate from the defined areas. Junior groupings are based on the cut-off dates for the OIJGC tournament, birthdays that occur within that time frame are used for placement in the qualifying rounds. (

Out-of-District qualifiers are deemed those that reside outside of the above defined provinces and/or USA states that will compete in the Junior Boys (16-18) or Junior Girls (15-18) qualiyfing groups and that win the first place position; he or she will be awarded a qualifying sheet and a golf prize. The out-of-district qualifying winner will not be awarded; the all expenses paid trip to the OIJGC due to funding reasons decided by Manitoba Optimist Junior Golf. The all expenses paid trip to the OIJGC will be awarded to the second place District finisher, if the second place District qualifier refuses the trip then the trip will be offered to the thrid place District quailifying finisher.

Manitoba Optimist Junior Golf, Optimist Clubs of Manitoba and Sponsors will not award the all expense paid trip to any Out-of District qualifying Junior Boy (16-18) winner or Junior Girl (15-18) winner.

Tournament play will be conducted in accordance with Golf Canada rules, in addition to the following local course rules.

Manitoba Optimist Junior Open participants are expected to conduct themselves in proper fashion both on and off the course for the duration of the tournament.

District Qualifying Criteria

Scoring Requirement

Please visit the Optimist Junior Golf website for updated qualifying criteria.

On the Course (If not sure of any rule, find an Optimist volunteer for assistance on your current or next hole.)

Tee off designation: Junior Boys 13 – Under will hit from designated white tees, all other Junior Boys age groups will hit from designated blue tees. Junior Girls will hit from designated red tees.

Tournament Violations: The designated tournament rule official(s) and/or Manitoba Optimist Junior Golf designated tournament rule official(s) may assess stroke penalties or declare tournament disqualification based on the severity of the following violation(s):

  • Profane or abusive language                                                      Cheating
  • Gambling                                                                                    Falsification of score
  • Unsportsmanlike or abusive behavior                                        Abuse of the golf course
  • Helping another player                                                              Use of tobacco products, alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Leaving the course without permission of an official               Use of any unauthorized cellular/network device.
  • Accepting or receiving spectator assistance of any kind

Promptness for Tee Times:   All players will report to the golf course no later than 60 minutes prior to their assigned tee-time. Late or missed tee-times will be dealt with according to Golf Canada Rule Time and Order of Starting.

Scoring and Format: Another player in the group will record scores on an official scorecard. Golfers will also keep their own scores and should verify their score after completing each hole. Players and markers must sign the scorecard before leaving the golf course. The player is responsible for the correctness of the scorecard. If a player signs a scorecard with a score higher than actual on any hole, the higher score stands. If a player signs a scorecard with a score lower than actual, the player will be disqualified. All cards must be turned in tothe Manitoba Optimist Junior Golf designated scorer(s).

Second Ball: If a designated rules official is not present when a question arises, golfers should declare that they are playing a second ball and scores should be recorded for both balls. A rules official, at the end of the round, will resolve questions.

Attire and Equipment: Proper golf attire is required at all times during tournament play and in the practice areas. The dress code prohibits short shorts, tank tops, T-shirts, denim shorts and jeans. Collared shirts must be worn and tucked in. Hats must be properly worn. Failure to comply with the Manitoba Optimist Junior Golfdress code may result in stroke penalties. All equipment (including golf balls) must conform to Golf Canada standards. Before starting ensure that you have placed an identifying mark on your golf ball and communicated this mark to your playing group.

Ties: In the event of a tie a playoff will be held beginning on the hole designated by a tournament official whenever possible. Retrogression will be used if course conditions or scheduling do not allow for a playoff, also if a player(s) are not present for a playoff, will forfeit the position to the other player or players with whom they are tied.

Spectators: Spectators walking with a playing junior group “must remain at least 50 yards behind the play and in the rough”, Spectators that venture onto the golf course or closer than 50 yards to the play will be asked to return to the club house. Any contact with the competitors by the spectators could result in the players receiving penalty strokes or being disqualified.

Distance Measuring Devices: Are allowed during the Manitoba Optimist Junior Open as per Golf Canada's compliance rule on Distance Measuring Devices.




The applicant is aware of and assumes all risks of bodily injury or property damage, including specifically (but not exclusively) the risk of being injured by thrown or struck golf balls or clubs, actions by spectators, players or others in attendance, and the competitor agrees that the OPTIMISTS CLUBS, including its Directors, Officers, Members, Partners, and Volunteers, as well as the competitors in the tournament, are not liable for any injuries or property damage resulting from such causes or any other negligence.

I have read the terms and conditions of entry including the Contestant Waiver, and agree to accept and abide by them. I also agree that this entry is subject to approval by the Manitoba Optimist Junior Golf INC.

Segments of the Manitoba Optimist Junior Open will be photographed and posted on Manitoba Optimist Junior Golf media sites, used with CJGA and posted with our designated media affiliates.

I, <registered junior> in consideration of my participation in a junior golf tournament known as the Manitoba Optimist Junior Open, hereby grant Manitoba Optimist Junior Golf Inc, the right to photograph and otherwise use in all media throughout Canada my performance in the Manitoba Optimist Junior Open and use my name, likeness, and biographical information concerning me in connection therewith, except that Manitoba Optimist Junior Golf shall not use my name as an endorsement of any product or service.